Double Remix-Release-Day.. :)

So today two remixes were released on Beatport. (Other outlets will follow.)

The first one for Sonic Infusion, released on Austria based Label Sakog:

The second one for my swiss buddy Chris Rockwell, on Triplepoint:


Preview: Pagano - Gypsy Queen (Lutzenkirchen Rmx)

And yet again another recent remix I did on my #roadbacktotechno
We're getting there... :) I don't have a fixed release date yet, but it's already in promo since a while, so it should be released very soon... 

(For the nerds: This one - like all the tracks in the last couple of months that are full scale techno again -  are completely done with Radium Music Editor.)


Spartaque - Keep On Rolling (Lutzenkirchen Rmx)

Latest remix I did for Spartaque, recently released on Electrovino Records
This release also includes cool remixes from Cosmic Boys, Nodin & Inphasia and Vincent Hiest & Digital Session.


M.I.T.A. - Old Casette (Lutzenkirchen Rmx) released on Sakog Records.

This is more like it. One of my latest and actual remixes hit the shelves on the new Austrian Techno Label Sakog Records. Also with superb remixes from Wex 10 and Angy Core.


#Versus EP released today on BluFin Records. My Co-Op with Daniele Petronelli also includes *extremly* high-q remixes from huge talents you should watch closely: Dimitri MotofunkGero Jansen and especially kreisel. Check it out: