New Studio Room

My new Studio-Room is nearly finished. I guess I need another week or so to move all my stuff in and connect it, so for the first time since spring 2013 I can start working again in a professional enviroment... I expect productions to speed up again soon after that, so yeah, I am quite happy right now because the last year and a half was a real struggle soundwise. Its just no fun when you cant turn up the volume and the sound is just shit... :)


Interview/Q&A Session (The deeper kind)

Here is a link to a more deeper, non-standart interview/Q&A with me bitchin' around a lot, talking about music I grew up with, studio-related stuff and other sh*t... 



A couple of new remixes on the way...


Lutzenkirchen - You Don't Care (Incorrect / Basis XII) - OUT NOW!!

My second time on the Basis Compilation Series from U.S. based label
Incorrect music. This time a vocal heavy twisted track.

Check it here:


New Session Mix Online!


Valentina Black - No No No (Three Part Interpretation Series)

Here are previews to my three part interpretation remix series I did for Valentina Black

which is released 28th of July on MOVE U BABE.

This is one of the first packages where I started to use more melody and synths again.

More like that will come for sure! :)


[Part 3/3]

[Part 2/3]

[Part 1/3]