Lutzenkirchen old classics & remixes in the mix

click here to download Lützenkirchen old classics & remixes in the Mix

(works from around 2005 *rare*) Mix from 3/2006, .zip-file.


Ricardo said...

Hey Lütze!

I was hearing this set, and, besides the fact it is EPIC!, I was wondering if there is any tracklist available, at least the last tune, it's a dancefloor killer!!!

Thanks mate, you rocked then, and you just keep getting better!


Tobias Lützenkirchen said...

Hey mate,

isn´t there a tracklist included
in the .zip file that also
includes the mix?

Should be normally included.

If not I would have to check the track...;)

Ricardo said...

Hey Lütze!

No, there is no tracklist included for this one =(, I've identified some of the tunes, "No Fear" and "Lena" (personal favorites of all Times!).
Please check it when you got a chance =)

Thanks Lütze, I appreciate it!