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Little Mountain Recordings is back with another large package. Following on from March’s release of ‘R.Y.A.N.L’ (Rock You All Night Long), we now present to you the remixes. Throughout 2010, the original ‘R.Y.A.N.L’ track has been a peak-time disco-fuelled future anthem, featuring tough techy percussion, a deep pulsating bassline and an infectious Daft Punk-esque vocoded vocal line which wowed audiences worldwide. The original track was first road-tested by Sander in the cream of the world’s clubs to great effect and caused a huge stir amongst the world’s DJ elite over the entire summer. The track also gained huge support from BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong.

Little Mountain Recordings now presents the remixes. The package opens with a storming remix from Pleasurekraft. This duo are based in both Stockholm and Miami, and combine the best in international house. They have turned in recent club slammers such as Tarantula, Kanamari and a slew of hot remixes for the likes of Jean Claude Ades, Lea Luna and Miles Dyson. Their remix is a cool, sounding chic interpretation, which will work on early floors as well as mid. The hook-up with Sander progresses beyond the label, as the pair will take to the decks with Sander in the US, including a set at Cielo in NYC on 30th September.

The next mix comes courtesy of Luetzenkirchen. Hots on the heels of recent EPs such as Weekend Freakshow, Phuture Disco Vibes and Just Thursday, the German maestro’s remix is a tougher workout, as you might expect. His signature tech-heavy beats and electronic stabs drive the track while firmly applying the funk at the same time. This remix will cater for the more driving, peak time moments.

The Hijack Brothers Remix is a more electro-sounding workout, with mad stabs and a pulsating bassline which will put any good sound system through its paces. It’s a full-on, in your face remix, which really uses the vocoded influences to maximum effect. This act, comprising of Jack Lomo & Jack Diuzi, prove their diversity of not only turning in innovative house music, but also have rock and downtempo productions to their name. The duo even have a completely new funk-fuelled interpretation of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit slated for release! Little Mountain Recordings is delighted to have The Hijack Brothers on board! The release of ‘R.Y.A.N.L’ remixes is set to ensure further plaudits for Little Mountain Recordings, and further ensures Sander Kleinenberg’s profile remains high as one of the most hard-working and pioneering DJs around in 2010.


Nick Warren | 4/5 | Luetzenkirchen for mee, excellent
Leama | 4/5 | Luetzenkirchen the one.
Russell Deeks | 4/5 | A strong set of mixes all-round but Luetzenkirchen is my fave, what is release date please?
Hernan Cattaneo | 3/5 | Good stuff original still the best
Dave Seaman | 4/5 | Pleasurekraft mix is cool, Luetzenkirchen mix is great!
Anthony Pappa | 4/5 | I like the "Pleasurekraft Remix" and the "Luetzenkirchen Remix" and l will play these out. Thanks. Pappa.
Tom Novy | 4/5 | Pleasurekraft is a cool one!!
Roger Sanchez | 3/5 | Downloading Luetzenkirchen remix
Trent Cantrelle | 5/5 | Top notch remixes! full support!
Wesley S | 4/5 | EXCELLENT!!!!!
Wally lopez | 3/5 | Support!.....Luetzerkirchen for me
Christopher Lawrence | 4/5 | Great!
Mason | 4/5 | Love the Hijack brothers mix, my dish of the day
Tom Stephan | 4/5 | Luetzenkirchen mix is the one for me
Swedish Egil | 5/5 | "A Pleaser" From Pleasurekraft ,Again! Wow!
Dan Tait | 4/5 | Love to hate the vocal...... Luetzenkirchen is the one! Love the drums and rolling groove. WIl support :-)
Muzikjunki AKA Dan Parker | 4/5 | Pleasurekraft is a killer!!!! will destroy floors!!
Gareth Emery | Cool mixes
Pleasurekraft | 4/5 | Cool release all around - pleasure for us to be on it!
Frederic Berger & Patrick Buck | 3/5 | Nice remix by lützenkirchen, willm try it out. thx
Ronski Speed | 3/5 | Nice one. nice lutzen remix.
Aga Heller | 4/5 | Some really nice mixes! Like the Pleasurekraft und the Luetzenkirchen Remix. Will support!
Amin Golestan | 5/5 | Pleasurekraft remix is amazing. These boys are on fire !!!
Flash Brothers | 4/5 | Pleasurekraft Remix we really like, will play!
Stefan Bauer | 3/5 | Lützenkirchen delivers one of his best remixes in a long long time! Pleasurekrafts remix is solid Hijack brothers is too electro housey for me!
Greg Stainer | 5/5 | LOVE the Pleasurkraft mix! full support on radio show and club sets

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