Some updates.

So here are some updates about what it going on.

I promised you things will get more busy again and it really looks like they will.

- I finished a remix for Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx. The track is called "Choon".

  It will be released early november.

  This is the first production I did in my new studio location,  so it will be interesting 

  to get responses to how it sounds. 

  The remix is kinda deep and funky, I like it, the guys do too.

  Some of you techno guys outthere will hate it. That's okay. :)

- I also finished a remix for an american label based in Saint Louis. 

  As far as I know its a remix for a (Side-)project of Robert Babiscz.

  The track is called "Solitaire".

  Don't have a release date though.

  That one I am pretty proud of, it's very very original. 

- Next, there will be the Basis XI  EP Compilation from Incorrect Music Detroit,

  that will also include a track of mine. I am sure that *that* track is an interesting one.

 You' ll see. Keep you posted about the release date. 

- I am reactivating my LXR Pseydonym/Moniker/A.K.A./whatever.

 LXR is one of my oldest a.k.a.s  Did some pretty musical/harmonical stuff under that

 name and will do so again. First single is ready, we are just waiting for the remix.

 LXR is still BluFin based. LXR was by the way the first (vinyl) release ever.

 I guess it was around 2004/2005 when BluFin was launched with the LXR "Massive Passive" EP.

  So kinda cool to work again in that constellation after that many years.

  By the way: All LXRVocals are (and will be) done by me.. :)  

  Yeah seems like I still can do vocals, baby... :)

So that's it for now. There' s more, but too unconcrete right now to post upfront.

So stay tuned.




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