Review: Presonus Studio One V3 first impression after upgrading 12 hours ago and their (in their own words) "Most EPIC" Webcast ever....

Presonus Studio One V3 is out.

Now everybody is over the shiny new shit. But if you put the arranger (which they sell as the brand new thing, lol. ) and multitouch support aside, there is not too much Epic about this release really.
I already found a lot of bullshit, and its only out since 12 hours or so.

And because I am what I am, I have to rant all over it.. :)

(Especially because of the braggin about the "Epicness" and the pretty steep upgrade price policy compared to other companies.)

Best new thing is the new look. Because it really looks great now. Why?
Well they took a good look at Logic again. Thats why. But the GUI options are
already the prime example to explain what is wrong with Presonus *all the time*.

Now you can change the look of the GUI, but in a typical presonus fashion
its implemented to be idiotproof for the 12 year old.
So you only have some sliders that you can mess around with.
Better than nothing, but nothing "Epic" or "Professional" about it.
They never go that extramile that could make a new implementation really great,
or better than their competitors.

This is true for basically everything "new" in V3. Nice, but gets old very, very fast
if you know where they stole it from and especially how lame and lazy its implemented.

Now I have to say that I like the release anyways, but I love to rant and
don't want to talk about the good little things. Thats me. Most of you know that. :)

So with V3, after you wipe away all the hype, the new look and the buzzwords,
there is still some shit going on. Like everywhere theese days in the DEVs department.
Presonus is not alone here.

Back to the topic:
Basically they copied a lot of stuff again from Logic.
A little bit from Tracktion and FL Studio and thats it. Nothing really new to it.
Well the guys originated from Steinberg, so stealing from others
is part of their gameplan. And so what? If its done well I have no problem with that.

(See Bitwig -> Ableton. Same problem. Idiots at Bitwig coud have SUNK
the Ableton boat, but the same halfass implementation of stuff, despite the
new code and framework and whatnot. I just CAN't WAIT to see the BW Fanboy-faces
when the new Ableton comes out. Lol)

Stealing from Logic is fine, because I love Logic, but Logic is getting soooo darn old.
But that should tell you something. Its still a major player and the Apple-A******* just give it a facelift now and then. With a facelift, I mean FACELIFT. Just new pretty pictures for compressor or shit. EXS looks the same since 10000 years, Audio Engine is the same shit like always and whatnot.
HOWEVER: Despite its age it's still one of the major players, also with the YOUNG Kids, (talk EDM here) now that should tell you something of the ingenious quality level Logic had at the time when it was still developed by Emagic. Nothing could touch it. And its still here, but slowly falling apart. Because of the Garage-Band-ization for the 12 year old...

Apropos for-the-12 year old, lets get back on topic:

So with all the shit that comes now, I have to admit I still give V3 a run and see where it goes.
Because from first feeling I like it more than Garogic  Band  "Pro" X and thats good enough for me for now. At least until Bitwigs v1.2 comes around..
Which might only be a couple of days, so what. :)
But they might f**k it up again also, so who knows...

And because I did a lot of the new stuff that will come out later this year
again exclusively in Renoise, looking at some nice GUIs from time to time
is a welcome distraction.

Anyways I am okay with the V3 upgrade and the V3 upgrade price.
But its just okay, nothing to get excited about. And I can see that some people
will be furious when the hype dust settles. Because for the upgrade price you can buy
full versions from other DAW developers.

The only, in their words: "Industry new" thing about the arranger is the scratchpad.
Well, arranger tracks are in logic and especially cubase since quite a while.
In Cubase its way more advanced then the Presonus Selling Department
wants you to believe, but thats another story go look for yourself
if you're into that kind of stuff.

And Reaper has Custom Actions for that stuff, that go waaaaay further my friends.
But agreed. Not so simple and dragndrop idiot proof for the 12 year old.

Also they really really missed the big hit with the half-assed implementation of
this Multi Instrument and Multi Fx try-to-be modular thing. But what else to expext?
They should have gone the extramile and go (at least semi) modular right away,
when they coded the framework for this.
Becaue THAT is the future. just look around what the others are doing.
(Who are selling their shit like crazy, you see?)

Presonus coulnd't even be bothered to implement Mid/Side. Lol.

And again: This is TYPICAL for the implementation-mentality of Presonus.

Because in this state you *have* to compare it to Tracktion and FL Studios "Patchers"
at some point and then it is not that great anymore.  In fact its just shiny bullshit.
Get yourself Blue Cats Patchwork or the MB7 mixer for 30 bucks or something
in that neighbourhood, you can do more with that. And use it in every DAW you want.

Image Line has released a modular Host plugin that is FREE for christs sake and can do the same shit. (Google: Image Line Modular Host Beta)

Also: Theres still no dedicated Drumeditor/eventlist/hyperedit whatever.
Which is again something that really goes against the term "Professional"

Sampler: Still no crossfade for loop. No directional looping. Lol.
I said that 1000 times before:
Then you DO NOT NEED LOOPING AT ALL in a sampler.
In 2015. Come on guys. Go and get your shit together. But Presonus is not alone
in the Idiot Department on that one, Bitwig same shit.
Even worse, because BigWok is FOCUSED on electronic music in the first place.
Shame on you, BitWat.

Okay back to Presonus-wanna-be-Steinberg-so-shit-will-happen department:

EXS import is new as well and would have been cool *if* the sampler
would have been cool in the first place. Its no sampler at all my friends.
Calling this a sampler is plainly an offense.
Its a sample player, no sampler. The modulation targets are a joke, for such a
low number of modulation targets you do not need to steal the EXS modulation matrix.
And you have never an idea which sample you are playing.
Can't edit shit, no waveform display nuthing. Sooo. Yeah. Exs and Kontakt import.

Maybe positive for you, but I couldnt care less:

- A Bitcrusher, yeeeah... Yawn...

-A lot of "new" content, so you get your 100000th upright bass and honky tonk
 in a over 15gb sample library and stuff like that.

On a side note: Also you have to understand that Studio One is in their own words "famous" for its DRAG N DROP workflow, which is excellent for the 12 year old but hooooorible for professionals. Nothing beats full keycommand action in terms of speed. Ever. Don't believe it? Talk to Reaper guys with custom actions. They are laughing at drag n drop workflow.

Every other Kid that is now all over it will probably visit the doctor regulary in a couple of years, because the "drag n drop awesomeness" turned their mousehand into shit..
(See my thread about ergonimic mouseoptions a post or two below this,
and when I started with music there was no Ableton,Bitwig,Studio One Dragndrop madness...)

We call that "Eliminate mouse-miles  wherever you can" over at the Renoise-Forum.
But Renoise is for grown-ups, nerds and smart guys, we do not want you drag-n-droppies there.. :D




Anonymous said...

Almost totally agree... Studio One v.3 is mostly disappoints.

A lot of new useless features while keeping all ... and I mean all their historical limitations.

GUI is sort of a Sexy Transexual now. And with all respect to transexuals a don't like the new dark , blocky, cluttered GUI at all.

A lot of essential stuff is missing and If Presonus had a chance to become the best DAW out there ... they have lost it without a doubt.

For me it's much less appealing compared to v.2.

v.3 is usable but it's not an Industry Standard by any means.

Try again Presonus.

Anonymous said...

Studio One v.3 is GARBAGE.

Anonymous said...

Wow, been reading horrible things about this DAW all over the place, never even heard of Studio One til a review popped up at bedroom producersblog. I was curious of course, and eager to try a free demo or wait for the soon to be released limited feature "Prime" version, but will not waste my time, now... Thanks for the useful review! Seems like Presonus should've targeted the $60 buck DAW market, with some better customer service..

Anonymous said...

Despite being an old-fashioned-musician I have to agree with many of your rants as far as they concern me at all. But after using Sonar and Reaper I will stay with SO3 even there are some biggies still missing for me: VCA-Faders, VariSpeed, Punch-In/Out-Locators, Drum-Editor and external Audio-Editor in contextmenu. You may ask why I don't switch to Logic that has all that? Because the combination of the features that enhance my workflow the most is only given in SO: ARA, easy comping, good audio-engine, Mac- and PC-compatibility. For me this V3-update has a lot of small improvements and nice, mostly unexpected features. That multi-instrument and FX-Routing is absolutely enough for me. And just because other DAWs may have this or that already it cannot always be free for existing users. I think they introduced a lot of free enhancements in the V2.x-versions along the way. The only downside compared to V2 for me is the GUI. It is a little bit prettier at first sight, but the dark 2D-look with much text is messy and harder to look at in sunny broad daylight.
Btw: You can do Mid/Side in the new FX-Routing if you include the included Mixtool-Plugin or the free MSED-Plugin from Voxengo. Just place it before the channel-splitter and save it as FX chain. But a frequency splitter is not that common in a DAW. With Reaper something like that is possible for a long time but as often it is a hassle there...

Gibbo said...

I completely agree with how unimportant most of the features are in Studio One 3. Having moved from Cubase, I realise that I have made a big mistake. Support for midi is pitiful. LSB and MSB are unavailable for programming voices and sounds within your sequences. So if you have a few midi modules or keyboards that you want to continue using in a DAW, do not buy Studio One. All its features are geared for recording audio and manipulating sample loops etc. Which is fine if that’s all you want to do. Also if you have one of the latest digital mixers such as Allen Heath / soundcraft etc, you will not be able to automate it using midi with Studio One. All other DAWS accomodate automation via midi but not Studio One. ( Please note I am not talking about DAW control from a midi input surface, but true automation of mixer functions from a sequencer).
So in summary if you are just looking for an audio recording and manipulation DAW, then Studio One may be for you. But if like me you want audio recording, control of midi instruments and a modern live / studio digital mixer, then look elsewhere.