NEWS! Switching from DJ Set to LIVE Hybrid-Performance soon!

Hey Guys.

Because I nearly exclusively play my own tracks and remixes on my DJ Gigs in the last time,
I decided to switch to a little Live-Setup around somewhere in July.

Not sure actually how this setup will look like, nothing too complicated, cause it´s very hard to
do something like this alone. Two guys would be way more able to do something great,
but anyway...;)

I also want to be able to stay flexible track-wise, so no pre-planned sets/shows will show up.

Maybe I will still continue to play DJ Sets at Afterhour Locations, but for all Peaktime-Sessions
expect Lutzenkirchen-Sound only. ;)


ricardo aka dj lo-fly said...

i agree 100%
you have more than enough tracks to make yourself a great live, though a extra brain and 2 extra hands would be helpfull, maybe koletzki? just kidding
cheers from portugal

DJ Mad Adam said...


I feel similarly, that when I'm DJing I like to play the remixes and edits that I've created, although, unlike you, I don't have enough of them to assemble together a peak set of only the current music ;o)

On March 11th, for the first time, a remix I've created has appeared on the web and is available for digital download! Go to Beatport.com and search under 'Mad Adam', where you will find the one and only: "Da Silva & Lino ~ Wiretrip (Mad Adam's Pesadelo Remix)". I know your style is more electro, minimal and tribal tech, whereas my mix is fairly straightforward dark tribal. However, you may very well like this remix and wish to play it in your live DJ sets, for which I would be most appreciative!

I really enjoyed your remix of Tomcraft "Boogie Nights" and have included it amongst my Top 10.

All the best,
DJ Mad Adam / USA

Bruno Thomaz said...

Hey !
I can help you Lütze. Playing live.
I'm a good musician and producer. I'm from Brazil.
You work is fantastic.
I saw you playing first time in Bahia, Universo Paralello in Dec. of 2005, I guess. I played at the party too. Doing a live performance, at the ChillOut stage.

Ich liebe Microtrash und Evolution aus Electronauts. Die sind Super!
Ich studiere Deutsch. Ich will wohne in Deutschland. Es ist besser als hier für musik.
So, schreibt mir ein email, bitte.

You can listen to my works at:

So. Alles Gut. Warm von Brasil. Tschuss.