Lutzenkirchen UK - Timewarp EP Pt. 1 (SpinOut UK)

  • Weasel Groove
  • Weasel Groove (Blende Mix)
Press-Text: Well you may or may not know that we’re very big fans of Lützenkirchen here at Spin Out. After making a name for himself in 2005 on the label Great Stuff, his endless catalogue of remixes and personal productions have been outstanding and with his DJing style of Techno/Minimal/Microhouse he has also become a very sought after DJ. When he came to play for us down at Herbal in 2007 we knew this was a guy we wanted to work with and so here is what we’ve got for you; the first in a two part EP from the man himself.

‘Weasel Groove’ is the first single making up a two-part EP and the original is a typical Lützenkirchen bass heavy track. It kicks in with some nifty percussion, skippy beats and a techno bassline rolling on until the melody drops with some glitchy synths and the ‘out of time’ snippit vocal. The track builds up until the whole thing drops and when it does, you’d best watch those speakers as the bass is heavy, not unlike his infamous track ‘Knight Moves’. This one is soon to be another Lützenkirchen classic!

On the remix front, we have upcoming producer Blende, he’s recently done remixes for the likes of the Klaxons and MSTRKRFT and we knew he would be able to work his magic on this release and my god, what a remix! This track is just full-on jacking and dirty. There is no messing about, just get on the dancefloor and fucking dance. The chunky beats will get your fists pumping and your butt moving and with the massive amount of dirty bass throughout we can almost guarantee you’ll be pulling your bass face through the whole track. Cleverly using the synth melody from the original this track breaks and then builds until it explodes into an all out frenzy of filthy which will have any dancefloor going crazy. What more can we say...its a pure filth fest!

‘Weasel Groove’ is available to buy on Vinyl from all good Vinyl stockists and all our digital partners from the 10th of March, so get on down to your fav shop and buy!

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