So that was '14...

So guys, say goodbye to 2014. Well, a lot of stuff happened this year and I am *really* looking forward to 2015. (As a child of the 80's and 90's I am still mezmerized with
the 20xx year numbers..lol...star trek anyone??)

So I didnt want to post some dumb facebook "happy new year" sh*t, thats just not me.
Everybody else is doing that, so that should be enough for all ya "the book"-folks...

But to anyone visiting my blog and of course everybody that I know (and more important: like.. :) )
Have a nice rave tomorrow and arrive well and happy on the year 2015.

I will do so FOR SURE... :D

Keep on rockin' ,



Mikel Ametz said...

New happy new year for you, I like very much your sessions and I want see you soon. Espero verte por España pronto.

Anonymous said...

Man bist du alt geworden ;)lange her,lg Claudia Schwarz