Lützenkirchen - Knight Moves (Great Stuff)

  • Original Mix
  • Lützenkirchen Steam Mix
  • Meat Katie Rmx
  • Jochen Trappe´s Deep Blue Mix

Loved by Tiga, Munk, Oxia, Arnaud Rebotini (Blackstrobe), Trick & Kubic, Mike Monday


Twelve months to get to the top (copyright BMedia Publishing 2006)

A lot has happened since the groundbreaking release of Daily Disco on Great Stuff Records in Spring 2005. Yet one of the most successful Great Stuff Releases ever, praised by the top djs around the globe. Since then a lot has changed for that "Luetze"-Guy.

He did a hell-a-lot of productions in 2005 (i.e. LXR, LK-Pro, Elektroluxx, Bully Boys,
Mike Litt, L.Y.T.Z., Electronauts and so forth) with most of them being played by nearly all the big names in the electronic music game.
Keep your eyes and ears open. More than once people noticed that often there is that Luetzenkirchen name in the credtis,
even if the name is not on the frontcover of the record. Same for the remixes.

There are also a really huge amount of remixes done by him as well, with a lot of variation between them and like many people noticed: "as usual, always on a very high production level, adding to the "brand" of quality that people now start to expect from Luetzenkirchen productions". And he delivers.
Then the fall came, followed by the 2005s second most downloaded track of the year on beatport: "Zombie", where Luetzenkirchen teamed up with John Acquavia, closing the year with the second Luetzenkirchen Single Counter Funk, including one of the best Oliver Koletzki Remixes ever and the highly acclaimed
bside track "lazy dog bites the dirt".
Luetzenkirchen, seeming to be never asleep, keeps pushing on, ready to unleash a spectacular remix of Coburns "Give me Love" in
the beginning of 2006, again a Beatport Number 1 for several weeks and an international slammer. In the meantime he moved to Bavaria/Munich, and throws together his studio equipment with electro veteran Tomcraft, engineering all tomcraft tracks & remixes from this time on.

With Tomcraft on top on all that other things he has to do, they are starting off with a tomcraft remix highlight on Bloodhound Gangs "Uhn Tiss" Single. BHGs Jimmy Pop was so excited that there will be a feature-single with Tomcraft very soon. "Luetze" produces. And will deliver. High quality, as always.
Beside of this, Luetzenkirchen founded his own dropout label "tabula raza" with Systematic Label Manager Marc Romboy, with the second release waiting just right now in pipeline.

Oh, and yes, Luetzenkirchen still has time to play dj-gigs as well. And like its nothing new, a lot of them. Round the globe.
But his intentions ain't being a superstar-dj.

His plans for the future: From being *a* producer to become one of *the* producers. If its possible, not only in the electronic music. One of his biggest dreams is to write a full movie score with a classical, orchestral background.
We are sure, whatever the goal is, he will deliver.

By the way: luetzenirchen is his real name.