Lutzenkirchen Remix finished for Koen Groeneveld

I´ve finished a remix for Koen Groenevelds track "Fly by wire".

I met this nice guy in Mexico at the Time & Space Festival last year

and we decided to do remixes for each other. He has also remixed my

upcoming Track from the next Great Stuff EP "Phuture Disco Vibes"

The release of my remix for Koen should be somewhere between april and june latest.

Lutzenkirchen - Phuture Disco Vibes EP finished.

The next Lutzenkirchen EP for Great Stuff is finished.
It will be a veeery different EP (again)
and I am really looking forward to it.

Release is scheduled for may.

Umeks 1604 Label.

I´ve signed an EP (Somebody & the Music) to Umeks 1604 Label.
Quite cool I think, even if my stuff is a bit slower and not sooo techy
than the other stuff there.
Anyways, I am quite happy with the EP and with the opportunity to release
on this really nice guy´s label.. ;))

The release is scheduled for april.

Lutzenkirchen - Body Nation EP - Great Stuff Records

...is doing exceptionally well!
It reached several genre top10s, mostly techno and techhouse genres,
thats reaaaaly cooool..;)

Thanx guys!