Wow. Long time...

Hells bells,

 well, basically I messed up a lot of things here. Last post is over a year old. Oh my.

 But it's really hard to focus on some things with gazillion sites to manage like

Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, X-Y-Z and so on or whatever.

 Anyways. I will start to post stuff here again as well, more personal words here.

 Not the usual "New track, buy it" stuff.

Just more like what's going on in general, what I am up to, what I try to do, want to do and so on.

Basically I had quite a break from music. I was pretty much done and pissed with all that same techno

stuff all over the place and here in Germany I was still fighting with that "3 Tage Wach" aftermath.

But now things settled down and I am way more relaxed. Started to do a lot of new stuff.

And this time for real. And its really fun again too. Different stuff. Synths involved.

On some tracks a lot of synths. Harmonies and things, you know? Phuun!!!

 We will see. New voyage, new horizons....

 And again, this time I promise regular postings here.

 Not a dead mess like it used to be.

 Keep on rocking...