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Lutzenkirchen @ Mix Machine (Episode 337)

Guest-Mx for Andy Marts "Mix Machine". Pretty good one I think...


New Remix-Previews online on Soundcloud.

Frank Kvitta - Acid Flow (Lutzenkirchen Rmx)

Ochs & Klick - Massive (Lutzenkirchen Rmx)


Toni Alvarez, Rouss Noir - Asteroid (Lutzenkirchen Rmx)

Next remix installment...

Lutzenkirchen - Tieftaucher (Future-E Remix)

From the "Pear Tree Revisions" Compilation... (Tulipa Recordings)


Preview: Rick Pier O'Neill - Spirals (Lutzenkirchen Rmx & Double Dub)

Needed to do something else... "Problem" is it feels like I am starting to like synths
and melodies again... ;)


Lutzenkirchen - Semper Fi EP

Here's the whole EP in a Soundcloud Playlist for easy previewing.


Devid Dega, Julian Ess - Meteora (Lutzenkirchen Rmx)

Remix for the new David Dega/Julian Ess EP - Meteora on "La Famiglia" with other remixes like Christian Hornbostel and Richard Cleber.

Already available on Traxsource:

Preview: Gaga - Chance (Lutzenkirchen Rmx)

Remix for the Remix-EP of Gaga's 2016 Track "Chance".
Release 17th of July on Pata Pata.



New Remix-Preview: Daniel Boon - Inside Symmetry (Lutzenkirchen Rmx)

New remix for a good and long-time friend...
Release on Neuhain Records Berlin 19th of June.


New remix preview online!

Once again I remixed Alvarez/Del Bario. This time peak-hour techno style. 
Release 5th of June on "Shake Black". Enjoy!


Toni Alvarez & Miguel Do Reis - Pump Up The Swag (Lutzenkirchen Rmx) [Release: 19th of May]

Eclipse Recordings presents 'Toni Alvarez & Miguel do Reis - Pump Up The Swag EP (M.Fukuda, Lutzenkirchen, AnGy KoRe Remixes)'


Lutzenkirchen - Dark As Night (Evolution Vol.7, Rel: 12th of May)

Eclipse Recordings presents 'Evolution, Vol. 7 (Featuring : Lutzenkirchen, Gene Karz & Lesia Karz, Lunatique Sublime, DubCore, Katapult Duo, Tony Denise, Andy Mart, Yarosh (PL), Belka, Rex & Dux, Roc Morgan, Hadiid)


Lutzenkirchen - Carbon EP

Finally out. The EP is one that takes the longest to release.
Some tracks here originated from 2015. But now finally here it is.

Beatport Link: Click HERE.


Lutzenkirchen - Night Love (FTS005 - Free Download)

Free Track Series (FTS005). Full length, 320kps. Free Download. 
Happy Easter.. ;)



New Remixpreview online: Roman Beise - The Same Story (Stop The War) // Lutzenkirchen Rmx

Rel. 17th of march, all royalties of all remixes/artists will get donated.


"Five Nights At Freddys" released on the PETAL SEVEN Compilation

This is quite an old one (I think I did this 2015) but still a nice one. Compilation only, no single release.
Press Text: Tulipa's top gardener Summer presents the annual Petal exposé for electronic music lovers of the underground variety. He compiles Petal Seven under the extraordinary circumstances that hang over the gardens as of late; there is a pressing need for more and more hypnotic music to be dropped upon dance floors throughout the world. Brendon is up to the task and he unleashes these twenty flowerbombs for dark warehouses, fuchsia beaches, and cavernous basements.


New remix released.

...unfortunately, I had to "soften" this one up quite a bit, as the version I
delivered first was "much too aggressive" for the label. From now on I will
make it clear from the beginning that whatever I do must be accepted.


"Boulder Dash" (Sabotage Records Athens)

Lutzenkirchen - "Boulder Dash" released today on 
Christian Cambas' Sabotage Records!


Erik Yahnkovf - Salmo 90 (Lutzenkirchen Rmx) finally released.

Another remix that was done quite a while ago was released recently.

Check it out here:


Triple Release Day (Oh my... too much at once... )

So some of the remixes I did quite a while ago are suddenly all released at once on beatport..
Very well.. So we've got ourselves a triple release day... ;)