Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (answered by Lütze himself)
Last update: 10.11.2007

- Q: Why Lützenkirchen?

-A: Because that´s my name.

-Q: Which VST Plugins do U use

-A: The ones that get the job done. I never use the same stuff frequently. More important is,
that I hate presets. In my opinion it´s never the point *what* you use, way more important *how* ;)

-Q: Can we make a remix swap?

-A: Most of the time the answer will be simply no. At the end it depends on. But normally I nearly never do remix swaps.
Hope you understand.

-Q: Can I send you some demos and you can give them to Great Stuff / Craftmusic/etc?

-A: I´m not the A&R of theese Labels. Feel free to send your demos directly to the A&R.
I did this by myself in the beginning.

-Q: How much costs a remix / booking /etc when I want you to x/y/z

-A: first of all this always depends on. Second, please feel free to send a request
to my bookingagency or my management, thats why they´re there for me.;)

-Q: I have a supercool demo for Platform B! The sound fits totally to your label.

-A: As said on PLatform B website & myspace site this is a
concept about friendship. No personal friends, no release on platform b, no matter what.

-Q: Do you use more analog gear or digital plug ins?

-A: Whatever floats the boat. You don´t necessarily need all this fancy stuff.
The Give me Love Remix (Coburn) for example never left Ableton live and was
even summed via Abletons internal Summingbus. (Same for some of the LK-Pro Tracks)
On the other hand the unique sound of teh Daily disco bassline was done with a Juno 106,
in my opinion until today not possible to do with any plugin.

-Q: Which sequencer do you use?

-A: 90% of the time Logic Pro.

-Q: Is it true, that you started as a singer/rapper back in the days?

-A: True indeed, and not ashamed of.
It´s also a little secret, that I still do the vocals of some tracks by my self (like Aquaviva & Lutzenkirchen Zombie & No Fear,
Lützenkirchen - The Killer or LXR - Freak me)

-Q: What do you think about DJ X/Y/Z?

-A: Don´t believe the hype.;)