Review Toronto/Skybar (Guvernment)

Hi Guys,

I have to say I had a really great time in Toronto and I
meet a lot of very nice people there.
Especially Anthony Attala from Detroit and Matt Herdman from Windsor.

Also I´d like to give a warm greeting to Annas and Hassan
from the the Bound by Sound Crew.

Canda concluded now my "play every continent in the world minimum twice" campaign.;)

We are now working on getting me back to north America next Summer.
Hopefully a complete tour including the US.



"3 Tage Wach" Nachfolge-Single kommt doch! ;)

Und nun ist es doch passiert... Mir ist ein Thema unter die Füsse gelaufen,
da kam ich einfach nich dran vorbei... ;)

Und anscheinend die Labels auch mal wieder nicht... :D

Die Nummer ist zwar schon fast in trockenen Tüchern, wird auch wieder
via Universal released, aber es ist noch etwas früh da zuviel zu verraten.
Arbeitstitel "I.H.M."

Nur soviel: Wird wieder komplett deutsch sein, ist aber diesesmal
um einiges "intelligenter", und es wird auch wieder ein Video geben,
aber dieses Mal mit erheblich mehr Style-Aufwand...;))

Jedenfalls freu ich mich selbst schon sehr drauf, wenn der Song in die
Pipeline geht, genau wie jeder in engsten Kreis, der ihn schon gehört hat... :D

I´ll keep you updated!


Lutzenkirchen downloadable Mixes UPDATE!

Due to the new design of my myspace site I put now all mixes on my own site
for download. This isnt illegal, as it is as always in the mixes my own music only.;)

Because its my own server space I decided to take only the newer ones and
the oldest "classic" mix.

you can download them here as .zip file including tracklist
or at the very bottom of this site!

The old links are not working anymore!

Click here to download Lützenkirchen Live-Mix 05/09

-zip-file including Tracklist & Release Schedule
(mix recorded @ "This is Amsterdam" May 2009 in Amsterdam / Netherlands)

Click here to download Lützenkirchen Mix 12/08

-zip-file including Tracklist & Release Schedule
(mix recorded @ Craftraum X-Mas Jam / December 2008 in Munich)

Click here to download Lützenkirchen Classic Mix 03/2006

-zip-file including Tracklist & Release Schedule
Lutzenkirchen Classic Mix from beginning
of 2006.

New Blog look / Nature One / new Stuff & news

So now the myspace site and my blog are design-linked.;)

By the way, Nature One was again super-amazing!
Thanx all!

I also have finished the next Lutzenkirchen Great Stuff Single.
Will take some time for release though. Expect it to come in September.

For all you guys waiting in Canada, waiting is over.
I will play Toronto 23.8.
details about party/location on my myspace site.

I will also do a new Platform B Mix this month, so stay tuned.