Brasilian Experience EP

Contains the Tracks
  • Stormchaser
  • Blind Horizon
  • Kobalt

Plays by Jamie Jones, Zoo Brasil, Play Paul, Umek, Andy Cato, Mason, Axwell, Florian Meindl, Fabrice Lig, Chus…..Next to Lützenkirchens Experience in Russia, this is his next strike from Brazil, where he just played his last DJ tour. And of course when you think of Brazil, football comes to mind which is no way different here in Munich, Lützenkirchens hometown. So three football inspired tracks, >Blind Horizon<>Strom Chaser<>Kobalt< is a minimal shot with great harmonic keys. A great match.


Platform B 07.#02

  • Lutzenkirchen - Splinter Cell
  • Gilbert Martini - Into the Lowend
  • Micky Monzza & Joseph Disco - Rain

Fat follow up to the first Platform. Gilbert Martini is not only Luetzenkirchens best friend but also Munichs afterhour legend number 1. Micky Monzza & Joseph Disco are already known for their sensational debut 12 on Great Stuff, here they show their darker side. And of course Platform B boss Luetzenkirchen finishes that EP with a rocking minimal electro techno workout