New Session Mix online on Soundcloud

Very different mix this time.

Some really freaky stuff in there also,

but I wanted it to turn out that way.

Pretty trippy, but I am quite satisfied with the result... :)

Check it out yourself.



Remix of DubCity enters Beatport Techno Top 100 on #14.

The Dub City Remix is climbing up the Beatport Techno Top 100 Charts.

Its on #14 now. I am very happy about this, this is the first Top50 since quite a while.

Like I posted on Facebook, it looks like my skillset is slowly coming back, which I am

very very happy about.

So lets see that the future brings. :)



Next EP in February.

Hey all, 

here's a little preview of my 2nd EP for this year, 
and yes, the vocals on Lovebeat is me. 



Some updates... (Part 2)

In February there will be my next EP, this time on Frequenza Italy.

It's called "Lovebeat EP" and is a pretty nice and unusual one.

Also it looks like it will come with cool remixes from

M.In, Patrick Kunkel & 212 Farenheit,

Irregular Synth and the great Broombeck.

I also have signed two tracks to Blu Fin (kind of a home-label for me)

which I am very excited about,

since the last release on BluFin was one of the two last ones

before I stopped producing and took my time out.

Also we are still waiting for the last remix of the LXR single,

so that we can (re-)launch my LXR moniker.

I hope that will happen soon now.


Some updates / whats next... (Part 1)

Small update:

There will be a Lutzenkirchen remix of Robert Babicz new single 

on Tulipa Recordings Saint Louis / USA (alongside with German Brigante) 

which is very cool indeed.

As soon as I am allowed to post a preview on Soundcloud I will do so.


Small things that make me happy...

I remember when I took over all this online stuff myself and

restarted producing nearly 4 months ago

that I was afraid that everybody will jump ship & run away,

especially on Soundcloud.

I knew it would take time for me to find back into old

skillsets and workflows. It still does.

I was expecting people to walk away from that new sound.

Expected my SC site to drop at least below 14K first,

if not below 13K be honest.

Well you guys didn't walk away, on the contrary.

Today crossed 15K on Soundcloud.

Never thought of hitting the 15.000 Follower-Mark

on Soundcloud so quickly.

Thank you all for your support,

this *really* means a lot to me.



Lutzenkirchen - Snoop (Rythm District 06 / Toolroom Records)

Well, I was surprised myself, out of the blue the compilation track I did a while ago

for the Rythm District compilation was released today.

Nice timing, exactly one week before my Humm EP will be released on Donkeyhead Records.

I will post more news here soon, I am just pretty busy at the moment, which is quite nice and

the new year has just begun. 

However, there is still more to come, so stay sharp.. :)

Below you find the link to the whole Rythm District 06 Compilation on Beatport.

Pretty nifty tracklist/artists...