NEWS! Switching from DJ Set to LIVE Hybrid-Performance soon!

Hey Guys.

Because I nearly exclusively play my own tracks and remixes on my DJ Gigs in the last time,
I decided to switch to a little Live-Setup around somewhere in July.

Not sure actually how this setup will look like, nothing too complicated, cause it´s very hard to
do something like this alone. Two guys would be way more able to do something great,
but anyway...;)

I also want to be able to stay flexible track-wise, so no pre-planned sets/shows will show up.

Maybe I will still continue to play DJ Sets at Afterhour Locations, but for all Peaktime-Sessions
expect Lutzenkirchen-Sound only. ;)

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3TW, Here we go Pt. 2 (3 Tage Wach, 3 x No.1!

DDC - Deutsche Dance Charts #1

Accumulated Vinyl Sales Top30 #1

DCC - Deusche Clubcharts #1


Lutzenkirchen UK - Timewarp EP Pt. 1 (SpinOut UK)

  • Weasel Groove
  • Weasel Groove (Blende Mix)
Press-Text: Well you may or may not know that we’re very big fans of Lützenkirchen here at Spin Out. After making a name for himself in 2005 on the label Great Stuff, his endless catalogue of remixes and personal productions have been outstanding and with his DJing style of Techno/Minimal/Microhouse he has also become a very sought after DJ. When he came to play for us down at Herbal in 2007 we knew this was a guy we wanted to work with and so here is what we’ve got for you; the first in a two part EP from the man himself.

‘Weasel Groove’ is the first single making up a two-part EP and the original is a typical Lützenkirchen bass heavy track. It kicks in with some nifty percussion, skippy beats and a techno bassline rolling on until the melody drops with some glitchy synths and the ‘out of time’ snippit vocal. The track builds up until the whole thing drops and when it does, you’d best watch those speakers as the bass is heavy, not unlike his infamous track ‘Knight Moves’. This one is soon to be another Lützenkirchen classic!

On the remix front, we have upcoming producer Blende, he’s recently done remixes for the likes of the Klaxons and MSTRKRFT and we knew he would be able to work his magic on this release and my god, what a remix! This track is just full-on jacking and dirty. There is no messing about, just get on the dancefloor and fucking dance. The chunky beats will get your fists pumping and your butt moving and with the massive amount of dirty bass throughout we can almost guarantee you’ll be pulling your bass face through the whole track. Cleverly using the synth melody from the original this track breaks and then builds until it explodes into an all out frenzy of filthy which will have any dancefloor going crazy. What more can we say...its a pure filth fest!

‘Weasel Groove’ is available to buy on Vinyl from all good Vinyl stockists and all our digital partners from the 10th of March, so get on down to your fav shop and buy!

Tobias Lutzenkirchen - Drunken Monkey EP (Baroque Records UK)

  • Drunken Monkey
  • In the Mirror I See Evil
  • Wei O´Wei


Lutzenkirchen UK - Timewarp EP Pt.1&2 (Spinout) First Reviews

365 Mag UK:

Timewarp EP Pt. 1 & 2 (both in one review)

German electro house honcho Luetzenkirchen is back, this time on Spin Out, with another release carrying his techy electronic sound. The two Time Warp EP's are both sold separately and as a full package and come with a handful of fine remixes.

EP 1 starts off with Weasel Groove, a minimal-styled, uptempo little tune featuring an industrial bass-line and a series of subtle kicks and drum snippets. The arped synth provides a more robotic vibe, and the break adds a series of cool vocals to tune after which a Tomcraft-style rhythm takes over. The result is a very rhythmic, very danceable tune with some great effecting, but nothing too special though. Blende provides a more interesting mix with a sequence full of raw, manipulated robot synths and industrial effects. The beat kicks like a mule, and the many effects, tempo changes, and great sequencing make this a hard rocking piece of electro house. Downright dirty electronics for ya here!

The main tune of the second EP is Back In Time, of which the original mix kicks a cool uptempo rhythm with punchy beats and lots of drum rattles. The track's quite techy, even techier that Luetzenkirchen's precious releases, and contains a great break in which a colourful blend of trancey synths are introduced. The synthesizers introduce a great, very trancey vibe to the techno-styled beats, resulting in a deep dark and melancholic piece of tunage. Well worth a listen. Caninesounds' remix packs a loud kick with a series of irregular modulated synths. More and more sounds are slowly introduced, and tension is build up carefully by using lots of breaks and fat effects. The climax is simple but highly effective, busting loud kicks combined with downlow electro bass-lines. Add some cool synth snippets and a fantastic 'big break' to that add you have yourself a very cool piece of club rocking music. Closing the EP is Kamuki with a rock-based rhythm supported by a series of bass-lines from the original mix. Just when you thought this one is bound to end up as a simple rock-styled techno tune, the break provides an original interlude with a kicking climax to go with. A nice example of rock versus electronics, a bit on the soft side perhaps, but definitely worth a spin.

Luetzenkirchen is quite a consistent factor when it comes to techy electro house. The Time Warp package has become another interesting release full of original beats and bass-lines. The original mixes of Weasel Groove and Back In Time are ace, with the remixes being a proper addition to the overall release. Simply a above-average package for electrohouse DJ's who like to keep it underground.

Harder Faster UK:


» The Timewarp EP Part 1

Reviewed by Greg Zizique / Submitted 30-01-08 11:01.02

Label: SpinOut Records
Format: 12" Vinyl
Genre: Electro, Minimal, Techno

German based techno, minimal and electro uber king has certainly not failed to impress of recent times, a pioneer of the new school and wave of sounds that greet our ears every weekend, and that’s just productions, maintaining a solid rotation of worldwide Dj gigs alongside, Tobias Lutzenkirchen is no doubt here for the long haul.

This is the first in a two part EP from the main man, and we first get treated to the “Weasel Groove” bass heavy kicking track. A great techno inspired bassline pumps an injected full throttle and satisfies the head cases out there, and all this added with a rolling edge, cool melody and some glitchy synthy speaker sounds that pulsate like you don’t know what. Yet again, top draw underground business.

The remix is provided by an up and coming producer Blende, who recently has appeared with remixes for The Klaxons and MSTRKRFT, so I think you can guess it’s going to be a cracker already! Not to disappoint, you get an upmost dirty bass laden monster of a remix, which for me, has piped the Original mix. Straight from the offset, no messing about its sheer dirty mayhem with a chunky pumping relentless energy with a broody warble of a bass that gains momentum and eventually releases into a frantic breakdown that just literally on the kick back in goes nuts, described by the label as a pure filth fest, and can only agree, excellent!

Watch out for Part 2 of the EP, with “Back In Time” (Caninesounds Remix and Kamuki Remix).


Harder Faster UK:


» Time Warp EP – Part 2

Reviewed by Greg Zizique / Submitted 26-02-08 09:02.51

Label: Spin Out Records
Format: CD
Genre: House, Breaks, Electro

After being thoroughly impressed with the delightful treats of Part 1 of this EP in the form of “Weasel Groove” Tobias Lutzenkirchen goes further for Part 2 with “Back In Time”. Opting for a refreshing Original track from the offset, using elements of trance and a great melody, with techy driven drums and that oh so important distinctive Lutzenkirchen phat bass.

In comparison to Part 1, this is a far more later in the night track that sits down really well and has a cool simple groove that simply gives off the right energetic value for the floor.

Caninesounds get down to business for their debut release, and pick up on the original melody but decide to bring a throbbing bassline with a gritty punch and kick that broods late night underground. Warbling sound effects and dirty crunches glide along nicely and provide a heavy re working in an electro meets electronica style with the throbby bass underpinning the whole track.

Kamuki finish off the package with an electro version, again using the melody, but with a clashier rocky punked out drum loop and bubbling away at the originals vibe to give a more floor groove mix for jamming. The more electro house fashioned bass is what gives this mix its main emphasis of difference and gives the no messing 4/4 heads some dirty business.

Rating: 8/10


And here we go: (Part 1)

  • Paperboy Decks Top 100 (last 3 weeks) #2
  • Paperboy Beatport Top 100 #4
  • Paperboy DDC Accummulated Sales Charts #1
  • Paperboy DCC #11

  • 3TW Decks Buzz Charts #1
  • 3TW DCC (Deutsche Club Charts) #2
  • 3TW Deejay.de Highlight #1
  • Entering Heavy Radio Rotations on ALL major electronic Radiostations