So that was '14...

So guys, say goodbye to 2014. Well, a lot of stuff happened this year and I am *really* looking forward to 2015. (As a child of the 80's and 90's I am still mezmerized with
the 20xx year numbers..lol...star trek anyone??)

So I didnt want to post some dumb facebook "happy new year" sh*t, thats just not me.
Everybody else is doing that, so that should be enough for all ya "the book"-folks...

But to anyone visiting my blog and of course everybody that I know (and more important: like.. :) )
Have a nice rave tomorrow and arrive well and happy on the year 2015.

I will do so FOR SURE... :D

Keep on rockin' ,



General update on how things are going.

Well guys, here's an update on how things are going.
The new studio room is awesome, for the first time since
nearly two years I am having a real blast making music again!

(That basically translates to: "End of story" with melancholic trippy deep tracks.
Party and peaktime club stuff in in the making and I also got
a little bit faster and harder again with some tracks.)

I will still do some deeper tracks, but theese are more focused
in the real (oldschool) U.S. deep house style,
everything else will be more upfronting, streamlined and "in ya face".

Also I am back on Logic Pro X again and man, I should never have left it behind.
I am still veeery fast working with Logic and right now
I get stuff done in no time like back in the days.

Sounds like fun? Yeeeeesss indeed..... :D



Sky Ballad EP released!

My new EP "Sky Ballad" is *finally* released.
The tracks are indeed over a year old, but still pretty unique and special.

You can check them out on Beatport here: