400.000 plays on Soundcloud!

Hitting 400.000 plays on soundcloud this week. 

Also average plays per day are up quite a bit in comparison 
to a couple of months ago.

Thanks a lot guys, really! 

You're keeping me working hard and motivated...

Lets see what I can come up with for you
in the next couple of weeks... 



Lutzenkirchen pres. "Free Track Series" (FTS001 - Free Download)

Here is the first release of my new "Free Track Series" Label, the FTS001 which contains three tracks 
that are all available for free download 
on my soundcloud website.

This series will operate like a regular label, releasing EPs from time to tim but
the FTS-Series will always be free to download.

We are also working on an app so that you can find and download the tracks easier from
Facebook and this webpage. I'll keep you posted.


The worlds most important 6-sec drumloop (the AMEN BREAK)

Here is basically the most important video for all producers, 

(hobbyists AND professionals) that sample stuff,

*especially * hip hop, jungle and breakbeat. 

However, anyone who has a firm musical background in music 

that uses drumloops in any way should watch this.

This is how the sh*t went down when one 6-sec drumloop changes the 

whole music world decades later.

Basically instant history....