Colombia update...

So at the end everything went good...American Airlines found the case at U.S. Customs..;))

one day too late for the first gig but anyway, I got my stuff back
and could finish the tour with full equipment..;)

Thanx to Colombia, I had a great time (once again..;))


So it happened at last... Equipment and Luggage lost... between Miami and Colombia...

So actually it never happened before but theres always a first time it seems.
I arrived in Colombia yesterday to play Cali tonight and Medellin tomorrow
and between Miami and Cali somehow my cases disappeared...
of course with all the equipment.

So actually I am very sorry for the guys in Colombia here right now,
good thing is, I have a (very) small back-up Setup so that I can play anyways,
but of course its nowhere nearby the full setup.

The guys from American Airlines know that something went wrong but I think there´s no
chance and no way that even if they will find the stuff that it will be here on time.

So I hope for your understanding.




Lutzenkirchen - Ghost me EP (Great Stuff) OUT NOW on Beatport!

Check it out on Beatport, click just right here.

Lutzenkirchen - Linear Sky EP (Kling Klong)

I will do my first release on Martin Eyerers Kling Klong Label.
I think a very very nice EP.
The Record is scheduled to be released end of December.

I´ll keep you updated.

Platform B #011 coming soon!

The next Platform B EP is in Pipeline!
Schedule is 30.11.2009, this time including Tracks
from Tonio Barrientos, Disco & Martini and two Lutzenkirchen Tracks.