New Session Mix Online:

So it begins. I am slowly going back to where I came from.
This one gives you a pretty good idea where I am heading soundwise.
For me (personally) this is one of the best mixes I did in the last two years.
I really hope you like it as much as I do. :)


Paco Buggin & Joy Marquez - Da Wipe (Lutzenkirchen Rmx / Donkeyhead Records)

Here comes a shortened version of the remix I did for the good mexican fella Joy Marquez and his spanish buddy Paco Buggin which is going to be released on Cristian Valeras "Donkeyhead" Label. Again, pretty deep dark techno stuff. Slow, dark, love it. :)

Release date is 23rd of December 2013.


ChumahoD - Avrora (Lutzenkirchen Remix / Bequem Digital)

Below in the Soudncloud-Player is a shortened version of the Avrora Remix I did for Bequem Digital which is going to be released mid-December. This time it's super-dark time but there's usual crazy Lutzen-Twist after the bigger break. Hope you like it.

Release Date is 16th of December.

Basis XI Compilation: Lutzenkirchen - Disco Rocker (Incorrect Music)

This track is specially and exclusively done for the Basis XI Compilation from Incorrect Music USA. Wouldn't dare to release any track with german vocals in a german speaking country ever again.

You can check out the pre-release here:

(Release date is 2nd of December)



Hej guys,

not much news around here right now. 

I am still waiting for some concrete release-dates, 

then I will give you a full update here. 

However, what I can tell you is that I signed two EPs to Frequenza and Frequenza Limited 

based in Italy, which will include some very nice stuff. 

We are also planning remix EPs after the release of the original ones with pretty cool

remixers, but more on that later.

Latest news is that I also signed two tracks to Toolroom/Rythm District UK.

Pretty nice. But as I said, a more complete update will follow when I have more details.

Gogogogo, :)



And more to come....and then even more... :)

Hej all,

finished two more remixes.

That makes a total of 4 now in the pipeline excluding

the already released Choon Remix. The Choon remix was released

on monday this week, let's see how that performs.

Still to come are a remix of the artist Avrora,

which will be released on Bequem Digital,  the Ange remix,

which will be released on Tulipa Records (Saint Louis),

a remix I did for the new upcoming Label AppUp from Cristian Varela

and a very nice remix I did for my mate Irregular Synth,

which will be released on Gate Null.

I am also still waiting for a release date info

on the 10 Years Ostfunk Compilation,

which will include the track Remedy, which might be

my last straight technno track ever.

The Basis XI Compilation on Incorrect Music will be released

around New Years Eve End of the year.

I also will start working again way more intense

with the guys from Toolroom / Rythm District 

based in London / UK, but more on that later. :)