Music for the Girls (Great Stuff)

  • music for the girls (original)
  • music for the girls (deepgroove dirty house rmx)
  • music for the girls (huggotron rmx)
  • the core (original)

Huge plays by Satoshi Tomiie, Christopher Just, X-Press 2, Mike Monday, Shlomi Aber, Chus, Andrea Doria…. The unstoppable Lützenkirchen this time showing his typical german elektronic roots (which obviously is Kraftwerk). His feeling for the right synth and atmosphere is simply unbelievable. John Dahlbäck (under his Huggotron disguise) and great british dj/producer-duo Deepgroove both deliver amazing peak time elektro house rockers with style. And again the bonus track >The Core< is a pure instrumental techhouse tune, showing the incredible diversity of Mr. Lützenkirchen

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