Lutzenkirchen "HOUt Jazz" EP (BluFin) & Lutzenkirchen "Somebody & the Music" EP (1605)

Both are out now and doing exceptionally well! I am very happy about this,
for example Beatport Techno Charts No.#7 & 8! And Tech-House Charts #20.
Good scores! So two top 10s at the moment and one top 20. Not bad, not bad.:;))



LEX Im LOVING HOUT JAZZ it hsd that vintage feeling that sound so good

Come back to playa del carmen soon mate

Anonymous said...

What about "Ich Hasse Musik". It this gerat track will be official released?

tobias lutzenkirchen said...

yes, "Ich hasse Musik" will be released in the last week in July after the Loveparade.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answer. I will be waiting for it :)

Anonymous said...

The week is near end and there is no "Ich Hasse Musik". I must say that is sad that I can't buy this release, but I can find a lot of warez editions from few last months.

By the way. Sad thing about Loveparade... Rest In Peace.

Anonymous said...

I love you man !!!!
u are fuck perfeckt!!!!
*-* druff druff druff *-*