Lutzenkirchen - Quick 2Bar Demo of Radium Tracker.

Lutzenkirchen - Quick 2Bar Demo of Radium Tracker.

Radium is a pretty unknown tracker-like music software application that I am lately getting very involved with. I made a lot of suggestions and the Dev, a very honest and humble guy from Norway really listened. So since a couple of weeks the OSX Version of Radium went from pretty much unusable to absolute fun to work with.

It has some pretty unique features but is still somewhat nerdy in some areas and still some must-have stuff is missing, but I am absolutely certain that this stuff will be implemented pretty soon.

Because it is very much Next-Gen and modern coded I also think that this will become a serious contender to Renoise at some point. It also has the modular architecture of Jeskola Buzz, which gives it an enormous potential on the long run. (Yet again, there is still a lot of the flexibility of Buzz missing, but I am pushing theese matters already to the Dev..;) )

This is just a quick look at it and I am planning to do more videos soon when I have finished some Remixes that are quite close to deadlines, because the manual is pretty much non-existant and there is a lot of stuff that can cause frustration if you can't get any tutorials on how this thing works.


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